More blankets coming soon!

More blankets coming soon!


After selling over 200 blankets + donating over 40 blankets in only five months we have had to make a new order of blankets! 🥳🥳 How exciting 🥰

Thank you to everyone who has supported our little business we are truly grateful ❤️💜

We now have a larger order coming with a few added new designs (voted on by our Facebook followers!) and small adjustments made to the blanket.

We have added extra straps on the waterproof blankets towards the top back of the blanket so that it can be clipped to the handle bars of the wheelchair or stroller. We decided on this added feature after Sofia’s blanket was playing peek-a-boo with her on windy days! This will do the trick of keeping the blanket in place at the back.

The side straps are now double stitched to make sure they withstand even the strongest of dancing legs!

An extra button has been added to the hood at the back to keep any breezes away. We are also in the midst of creating a sample of a hood with an elastic that will have the option of tightening so that the hood sits comfortably around the face.

Our next shipment of blankets is due to board the ship in the next few days and is expected to arrive in Australia at the beginning of August 😀🥳 CAN’T WAIT 🤩

Warm wishes,

Monika & Sofia 🦄💜

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