Request For NDIS Invoice

Purchase Mimi blankets through your NDIS plan 

How to place an order to claim on NDIS?


If you are self-managed, simply follow the same steps through the checkout as you would for any purchase, making sure to use the name of the NDIS participant as this will show on the invoice. Upon making payment you will receive an email confirmation that will include a link to download your invoice. You can submit this invoice to your NDIS plan manager for a reimbursement. 


If you are plan-managed, simply follow these two easy steps below and you will receive an email that will include a link to download your invoice for NDIS. 

1. Once you have chosen your desired order, added your order to cart and are in checkout (make sure to use the NDIS participant's name as this will show on the invoice), scroll down and under the Payment you will see an option for 'Invoice for NDIS' (as pictured below). Click this.  

 3. Scroll down further on the same page and click 'Complete order' (as pictured below). A link to download an invoice that includes payment details will be sent to you.

You can now download your invoice and send it to your plan manager. Once we receive the funds in our account, we will ship you your order.