Blankets are here and are PERFECT 🤩

Blankets are here and are PERFECT 🤩

Hi everyone,

WE DID IT!!! 🥳

We have just had the most exciting and emotional day. WE REACHED OUR GOAL!!!

For the past 3.5 years we have been trying our best to achieve a product that will bring warmth, comfort and help ease the lives of those in need. We have strived hard to create a blanket that is not only comfortable, versatile, warm and beautiful, but is also of excellent quality and long lasting.

Finally, all the hard work has arrived in 21 boxes to our home and the sheer excitement of seeing the boxes in the huge truck made us want to cry with joy. Wow, we did it!! It all feels very real now and so exciting.

Best of all after opening the boxes to check the quality and design, we can confidently say that the blankets are PERFECT They are just beautiful 🥰

Now we can't wait to pack these blankets to all that have pre-purchased from our website and most of all to be able to donate to those in need ❤️

We're looking forward to updating you again soon on how the packing and posting is going!

Warm wishes,

Monika & Sofia 🦄

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