The versatility of our Mimi blankets

The versatility of our Mimi blankets


We hope you are all well 😃

Not so long ago we went camping 🤪 The weather was unpredictable and as always we had our Mimi blankets handy!

We took a few beautiful photos of our blankets in the stunning nature of the South Coast of Australia.

Our Mimi blankets can truly be used in so many places. Keep it with you as it always comes in handy 🥰

Sofia was warm and cozy on our evening beach walk with her berber fleece blanket. She was dry when the rain unexpectedly came - the waterproof Mimi blanket is excellent for this. It’s lightweight so it’s very portable and has a good length that covers the back of the wheelchair or stroller to keep from getting wet.

The best part about it all is that the Mimi makes keeping warm and dry so much easier! It sits comfortably with no need to adjust. The straps on either side hold the blanket in place for when that gust of wind decides to visit, and the blanket is designed so that the bottom front corners are curved on a perfect angle that stops it from getting caught in the wheels.

We are so proud of the product we have created and we hope it will make your lives easier like it has ours 😃

Monika & Sofia ⭐️

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