We are busy packing for our customers and donating to those in need 🥰

We are busy packing for our customers and donating to those in need 🥰


Since the arrival of our first big batch of 400 blankets we have been busily packing and sending 🤪🤪

We have sent all of our Rewards from our Kickstarter Campaign and also sent blankets to our wonderful customers who are purchasing from our website - THANK YOU 🥰 We still have lots more blankets left in stock if you are keen to order one for autumn 🍁 that is just around the corner!

Please spread the word to anyone you feel may need a beautifully warm blanket ☺️

We have also been sending funded blankets for donation to several places including the Canberra Hospital paediatric ward, NAPA Centre in Sydney, Cerebral Palsy Alliance, Cranleigh School, a blanket to support the Angelman Syndrome Gala and to individuals who are very much in need of a warm and comfortable Mimi blanket. We hope to receive some photos of the happy new Mimi blanket owners soon so that we can share these with you 🤩

Also, if you feel like contributing funds towards a blanket for someone in need please visit our Fund page on our website https://www.mimiblankets.com.au/fund. Every dollar goes towards another blanket donated to someone special who is in need of one.

With your contribution you will help give someone warmth, comfort and joy 😌❤️

Thank you.

Monika & Sofia 🧚‍♀️

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