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Sun Protection Blanket (UPF 50+)

Sun Protection Blanket (UPF 50+)

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Say goodbye to the hassle of applying sunscreen and dealing with chemicals on your skin. This is your new lightweight and breathable way to block the sun's rays. 

Use it dry for excellent UPF protection with a rating of 50+, or wet it and wring it out to turn it into a cooling blanket that stays cool for a long time. Just give it a shake to reactivate the cooling properties.

Stay protected and comfortable with the versatile Sun Protection Blanket. It's a time saver too, making it easier to get ready for the outdoors.

Please note: The Sun Protection Blanket does not feature a hood.

Sizing - Child and Adult sizes available

(Please use our sizing guide as a reference)

Please note: The sizing dimensions of each blanket is the area of the entire blanket, including the neck hole.

Material Composition

Breathable Polyester Fabric, UPF 50+.

Ultraviolet Protection Factor Report.pdf

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